CSA 2013: Week 10

CSA 2013: Week 10 // Dula Notes

Our CSA shares are plentiful now and bursting with color from the yellow summer squash, the radishes and the greens in shades of green to purple. Isn’t summer the best?

I brought fresh green beans from our share to the west side of Michigan last weekend. I barely cooked them and then tossed them with a pat of fresh butter and a sprinkle of sea salt. It was a fresh summertime side to go along with the delicious dinner my brother and sister-in-law prepared for us. We were celebrating my brother’s birthday and we bought him our favorite Thermapen Thermometer, which he had admired at our house before. I love that we give each other food gifts now.

CSA 2013: Week 10 // Dula Notes

I plan to make my favorite fresh refrigerator pickles as soon as possible with the pickling cucumbers. I’m also planning a salad with chicken, black beans, lots of veggies and a spicy homemade ranch to toss with my romaine lettuce. What are you making this summer?

This week we received kale, beets with their greens, romaine lettuce, yellow summer squash, patty pan squash, spring onions, pickling cucumbers, green beans and radishes.

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