CSA 2013: Week 3

CSA 2013: Week 3 // Dula Notes

I picked up my CSA share last Saturday and Yvonne told me there was a surprise inside. The surprise was a basket of beautiful organic strawberries! There was also a beautiful bunch of sage leaves with their purple flowers still attached. I don’t think I’ve ever seen sage flowers before. I read that to get the most out of the flowers, you should use the sage, chicken is usually recommended, and then sprinkle the flowers over the dish to add another dimension of sage flavor. Sounds like a plan to me.

CSA 2013: Week 3 // Dula Notes

This week we received: asparagus, french breakfast radishes, mixed gourmet greens, Jericho romaine lettuce, sage flowers and strawberries.

Last night I made a huge salad with my greens and mini cheddar popovers on the side. I had to test the recipe for the bridal shower. They were fantastic and really cute! I hope to share that recipe sometime soon. I used some of my strawberries to make a vegan strawberry rhubarb fool and the rest were enjoyed as is. The strawberry flavor was so concentrated that biting into each strawberry tasted like a spoonful of strawberry jam.

Happy weekend!

CSA 2013: Week 3 // Dula Notes

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