CSA 2013: Week 4

CSA 2013: Week 4 // Dula Notes

Marc picked up our CSA this week because I was on my way to the bridal shower when the farmers market opened. The box was carefully slipped into the refrigerator, undisturbed, because Marc knows how I feel about vegetables. I finally had a chance to open the box on Sunday afternoon and it was nice to see the swirly garlic scapes among the other goodies we’ve been enjoying. I need to make my crispy kale, garlic scape and grape tomato pizza, again!

This week we received gourmet mixed greens, Avicenna butterhead lettuce, french breakfast radishes, garlic scapes, baby kale and asparagus.

I wanted to braise the baby kale as a side dish, but I ran out of smoothie greens and they’ve been filling in perfectly. This is the first summer where I’m making smoothies while having a CSA and nothing is going to waste. I love it! Even wilted greens and radish tops get thrown into our smoothies. With the right balance of sweet and tart fruit, you can’t detect the greens.

CSA 2013: Week 4 // Dula Notes

I’ve been trying to use the asparagus in new ways, because I’ve already made creamy goat cheese and asparagus pasta, a favorite dish of ours. For an easy weeknight dinner, I like to make an old favorite, baked potatoes with aged cheddar and broccoli sauce. I had 2 bunches of asparagus and a leftover block of sharp cheddar (from making popovers for the bridal shower), therefore baked potatoes with aged cheddar sauce and asparagus became dinner. I highly recommend the combination.

Happy weekend!

CSA 2013: Week 4 // Dula Notes

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