CSA 2014: Week 1

CSA 2014: Week 1 // Dula Notes

The CSA is back and I’m thrilled. This is my third CSA and I went with Raub-Rae Farm for the second time because the quality of their organic produce is simply the best. They also do a nice job of washing the produce, which is worth the cost of membership alone. I pick up my half share at the farmers market on Saturdays (Grammar Girl says no apostrophe necessary in farmers market) and if I’ll be out of town, I can pick up my share at a close-by farmers market on Wednesdays.

This week we received asparagus, optima butterhead lettuce, green leaf lettuce, French breakfast radishes, arugula, red baron spring onions, dinosaur kale and a genovese basil plant.

CSA 2014: Week 1 // Dula Notes

I sautéed the radishes and spring onions in olive oil and added them to a huge salad with a punchy dijon vinaigrette. I have chives growing in the yard and couldn’t help crumbling a few blossoms on top of the salad. I also made a simple cacio e pepe and folded in quick-sautéed arugula and sprinkled the pasta with chopped fresh oregano and chives from the backyard. No photo, unfortunately, but it was delicious.

Are you part of a CSA? If you have any CSA questions for me, feel free to ask!

CSA 2014: Week 1 // Dula Notes

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  1. Oh I am so jealous!! The beginning of this year was so FUBARed I had to pass on my CSA this year. *cries!!* I hope you enjoy your’s this summer and I look forward to ordering mine next March. I also absolutely love your blog. Gorgeous pics and great recipes. 🙂

    • Thank you, Gretchen! That’s too bad about your CSA! We had a late spring, too, but our farm seems to be doing ok. Two years ago we had an early spring and then a frost which was really devastating for the fruit crops around here. I hope you can still find great produce until you’re reunited with your CSA!

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