CSA 2014: Week 15 + Corn and Cod Chowder

CSA 2014: Week 15 // www.dulanotes.com @nicoledula

The temperature has warmed to the mid 70’s for perfect fall days. Our CSA still has a split personality with heirloom tomatoes and corn mixed with leeks and winter squash. Today is beautiful and I suspect there will be a few more things grilled before the weather changes. I’m also planning a BLT night while I have bumpy and perfectly ripe heirloom tomatoes. I used the leeks and carrots in a potato, leek and carrot soup that turned out great. I’ll share the recipe soon! The chard is going into smoothies and the peppers and greens will be turned into a big salad with Asian Vinaigrette.

Some of the corn and last week’s cabbage was made into a variation of Elizabeth’s Corn + Cod Chowder. I made my version pretty chunky and it’s perfect for a cool evening. Feel free to mix and match the ingredients with whatever produce you need to use. A perfect CSA soup.

This week we received heirloom tomatoes, sweet reba squash, mesclun mix greens, carrots and their greens, swiss chard, peppers, leeks and sweet corn.


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  1. Gorgeous produce, Nicole! We are teetering between an Indian Summer and fall. I’m looking forward to some delicious ‘bridge’ foods like this one. xo

    • Thanks, Kasey! I can’t believe the hot weather California is having. When I see pictures of beaches and swimsuits in my Instagram feed, I’m struck by what a contrast it is to our weather right now.

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