CSA 2014: Week 18 + Potato + Leek + Carrot Soup

CSA 2014: Week 18 // www.dulanotes.com @nicoledula

It’s the last week of the CSA and I’m going to miss it. The produce was beautiful and incredibly fresh. It prompts me to be more creative in the kitchen and because I hate to waste food, it keeps us from going out to restaurants when we have beautiful produce to eat.

If you’ve ever thought about a CSA, now is the time to look for one in your area. I found my current CSA at our local farmers market, but you can also go to Local Harvest to search by zip code. They usually contact me around December to sign up for the following spring. Maybe it’s for you!

This week we received pie pumpkin, swiss chard, red beets with their greens, delicata squash, potatoes, red cabbage, Italian parsley, sage, thyme and lunchbox peppers.

Potato + Leek + Carrot Soup Recipe // ww.dulanotes.com @nicoledula

I made this potato, leek and carrot soup because hot soup symbolizes an official goodbye to summer and hello to fall. Potatoes and leeks are often paired, but I had some charmingly rustic carrots that I needed to use, too. The carrots turned the soup a sunny yellow color and added a bit of sweetness, too. Give it a try!

Potato + Leek + Carrot Soup Recipe // ww.dulanotes.com @nicoledula

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    • Thank you, Kate! If you get that slow cooker, I have a beef stew recipe with carrots that is great and a carrot ginger dressing that’s so fresh!

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