CSA 2014: Week 5

CSA 2014: Week 5 // Dula Notes

The weather has been gorgeous this last week in Michigan. We’ve had a break in the humidity with temperatures in the low to mid 70’s with the occasional summer breeze. The breeze is my favorite part. It’s the perfect weather for me, but just the other day someone told me he’d prefer if it were hotter for boating, so I guess you can’t make everyone happy. I’ll just keep wearing my cute summer-weight sweaters and be happy enough about the weather for both of us.

This week we received red fire lettuce, swiss chard, french breakfast radishes, yellow summer squash, broccoli and bunching onions.

I used the large head of lettuce and the spring onions to make the bestΒ fattoush salad. Then Marc developed a stomach bug and without his appetite, I haven’t gotten to the rest of the produce. I washed and dried everything to keep it fresh in the meantime. For the record, I have no idea what to do with a husband without an appetite. Here’s to hoping we’ll be back on track soon. Happy weekend!

Fattoush Salad Recipe // Dula Notes

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  1. I feel the CSA urgency most in the early weeks, when our shares look like a lot (A LOT!) of greens and greens and greens. Greens wilt so fast! It can be stressful while I throw salads at everybody who walks in our doors. Now though, we’re currently in the weeks of abundant squash (easy to store hooray!) and cucumbers (hooray again!) and I feel this great relief from it… yet at the same time I wouldn’t mind still getting a head of lettuce each week in our share. You are right: you can’t make everybody happy! I can’t even make myself happy, haha! Love seeing what’s in your share. : )

    • I’m glad you like seeing our share, Shanna! Produce is just so pretty, right? You’re right, the greens can be stressful to use up! I typically don’t buy many salad greens in the winter, usually hearty smoothie greens, and I love that the CSA forces me to add a lot of salads to our summer. Even though I’ve noticed there is such a thing as salad fatigue πŸ™‚ I’m laughing at the thought of you kindly force-feeding your friends salad!

    • Thanks, Sues! If you really want to go for it, find a CSA near you and ask to get on the mailing list. I usually sign up around December for the following season’s CSA. I need that email or I’d forget! πŸ™‚

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