CSA 2015: Week 14

CSA 2015: Week 14 // @nicoledula

Only one more CSA share left next week and the season is over.

I added the thyme to sliced portabella mushrooms and cooked them in the skillet until they were soft and fragrant. Mushrooms + thyme are the perfect match. I plan on frying the sage in olive oil because it’s so good that way. The red onion went into a pasta salad recipe that I’m sharing tomorrow. The kale is going in smoothies and the carrots, parsnips and spaghetti squash will be roasted. I’m thinking potato salad for the potatoes or maybe a pizza with thinly sliced potatoes. The tomatoes were eaten raw with burrata, my favorite way.

This week we received: parsnips, spaghetti squash, kale, potatoes, tomatoes, dragon carrots, red onions, parsley, sage, oregano and thyme.

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