CSA 2015: Week 9

CSA 2015: Week 9 // @nicoledula #csa

I hope you had a great weekend. Ours included a beautiful family wedding and a fun pool party the next day.

Wedding // @nicoledula

I made my favorite potato salad with the pretty blue potatoes and I roasted the beets and tossed them in a lemon vinaigrette for an easy side dish. I’ve been eating the tomatoes raw with salt and pepper because they are magnificent. I savor summer’s tomatoes because I’ve given up on fresh tomatoes when they aren’t in season.

Beet Salad // @nicoledula

Kathryn posted these amazing-looking Sweet Corn and Black Bean Tacos just when I needed a recipe for black beans. The black beans are currently on the stove and I’m using this Serious Eats recipe. I’m going to boil the corn a little and topping them with cotija cheese. Can’t wait for dinner tonight!

This week we received: blue potatoes, black beans, red onion, golden and red beets, tomatoes, swiss chard, basil and garlic.

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