Dark Chocolate Rocky Road Cookies

Dark Chocolate Rocky Road Cookies Recipe // Dula Notes

These are the cookies I made for the Bake for Their Sake auction and you just need to make them. Imagine a soft and chewy chocolate cookie with salty chopped nuts and toasted mini marshmallows on top. C’mon, right?

I can’t believe it, but a man I’ve never met bought these cookies for $155. That money was then donated to Echoing Good. I was speechless and thrilled.

Dark Chocolate Rocky Road Cookies Recipe // Dula Notes

I made a big batch of these guys and the majority went to the generous donor, but I also mailed some to a few good friends for their love and support. These cookies are just meant for sharing with your favorite people. I wish I could hand one to you, too. Right through the screen. Until technology catches up with my cookie dreams, I guess I’ll have to settle on sharing the recipe.

Dark Chocolate Rocky Road Cookies Recipe // Dula Notes

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    • Honestly, I’m not crazy about marshmallows, either. The tops of the mini marshmallows get brown and crispy in the oven and they don’t even taste like marshmallows, if that makes any sense ๐Ÿ™‚ I served these to a bonafide marshmallow hater and she loved them, too!

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