Delicata Squash and Bulgar Salad with Maple Vinaigrette

How was your weekend? If you celebrated Thanksgiving (or if you didn’t), I hope the weekend treated you right. We visited my parents on the west side of Michigan and had a great time. I have a pretty salad recipe for you, but first, some pictures of our weekend.

Our drive on Wednesday night began with an incredible red sky sunset. My phone couldn’t quite capture how red the entire sky was, but it was beautiful. On our way, we decided to stop in Grand Rapids for wine and a unique meal at Reserve. We split a small plate called Pork B & J, which was pork belly, almond butter and concord grapes (!!!). Marc ordered the ribeye and I ordered a spin on chicken and dumplings with foraged mushrooms. Incredible.

I took a long walk on Thanksgiving morning to prepare for the big meal. The weather was warm for this time of year and my coat was unnecessary after a few minutes. For years, the winding neighborhood behind my parents’ home has been a favorite spot of mine for walks.

I froze half of this recipe of cinnamon rolls and baked them for breakfast that morning. I whisked a fresh batch of glaze to pour over the top. My Dad ate 3!

There are no pictures of our meal because Mom and I were busy in the kitchen. We had ham, mashed potatoes, stuffing, homemade bread, roasted green beans and Mom’s salad. I made dessert and will be sharing those recipes soon! Now you’re thinking, what about the turkey? I roasted a turkey the next night and made homemade gravy. There were plenty of leftovers to make up the rest of the meal. We ate, relaxed, chatted and watched holiday movies. Every year I seem to be attracted to some television marathon because we don’t have cable at home. This year it was Tia & Tamera. I just couldn’t help it.

Marc and I headed downtown to the cobblestone streets for small business Saturday shopping. We grabbed a light lunch and did a little shopping. Later, we met good friends at a new brewery for a drink and then went out for a fantastic dinner. They invited us back to their new home for a tour. We shared stories and lots of laughs. It was the best. The weekend exceeded my expectations.

As you can see, I splurged last weekend and that’s when I crave salads like these. You can eat the heck out of it and still feel good about yourself. Delicata squash has become my favorite fall squash and when roasted, it’s a sweet and creamy. I added a little bulgar for some texture and a nutty flavor. I think the maple vinaigrette complements the squash perfectly, too. Feel free to add your own spin with dried fruit, nuts, seeds or cheese, if you like.

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  1. We had a nice Thanksgiving (but my turkey didn’t thaw until Saturday!). Even la domestique has issues in the kitchen sometimes. 🙂 I could definitely go for this wholesome salad after all the pie I’ve eaten the past few days.

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