Food Adventure // Detroit Restaurant Week-The Rattlesnake Club

Detroit Restaurant Week // The Rattlesnake Club // Dula Notes

Detroit Restaurant Week // The Rattlesnake Club // Dula Notes

The Rattlesnake Club is the creation of Jimmy Schmidt, a pioneer of the farm-to-table movement. I had never heard of Jimmy before, but Googled him and learned that he studied electrical engineering in Illinois and went to France to earn credits in foreign language. As many others before him, he was lured into a culinary and wine career while in France.

The restaurant is located in a beautiful spot of Detroit with large brick buildings and is situated next to the water. You can also get a glimpse of the Detroit skyline. The service is old-school and very professional. We thought that of the two restaurants that The Rattlesnake Club took the best advantage of restaurant week. Our waiter showed us their regular menu and gushed about their summer beer selection. Although we had 2-3 people bringing and clearing dishes, the atmosphere was comfortable and not stuffy. At the end of the meal, they handed us a pamphlet with some very cool upcoming events. In the summer they are known for their spacious patio area where you can fully enjoy their spot near the water.

Dinner at The Rattlesnake Club


Detroit Restaurant Week // The Rattlesnake Club // Dula Notes

Detroit Restaurant Week // The Rattlesnake Club // Dula Notes

Kir Royale Delicious! L. Mawby sparkling wine from Traverse City, Michigan with Chambord and a twist of lemon.

Atwater Block Brewery Teufel Weizen Doppelbock This brewery was right down the street from The Rattlesnake Club and Marc said he enjoyed it. I’m not a beer person and cannot tell you from personal experience.

First Course

Spring Greens Salad Greens with roasted asparagus and lemon vinaigrette. Basic, but very fresh.

Thai Red Curry Shrimp A single jumbo shrimp over jasmine rice. Marc loved it.

Second Course

Pan-Seared Wild Nova Salmon The presentation was beautiful. The center of the salmon was cooked enough that it was not raw, but still tender and the outside was crispy from the sear. Paired with smoky blue mussels and Pinot Noir froth and chive essence.

Spice-Crusted C.A.B Roasted Prime Rib Unbelievably tender and delicious. Served with root vegetable and potato gratin and horseradish sauce. Marc upgrade to the “king cut” and that is why the portion seems so monstrous.

Third Course

Raspberry Linzer Torte The crust tasted a bit like gingerbread and the raspberry filling was very good. Not something you see on menus every day.

Popcorn Parfait House-made buttered popcorn ice cream, caramel and bittersweet layers with a cream soda splash. I only got a small bite, but it was very good.



Above left is a picture of the patio area they set up in the summer. Marc preferred our experience at The Rattlesnake Club, but I can’t decide which I liked best. Both restaurants had much to offer diners and I loved seeing a new side to Detroit.

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