Diner-Style Blueberry Pancakes

Diner-Style Blueberry Pancakes Recipe // @nicoledula

This summer is flying by, right? The weekends have been fun, but busy. Sometimes while we run errands, we’ll have a quick breakfast at one of the local diners. Some are better than others and I judge a good one by the quality of their pancakes. One place in particular, Ken’s Cozy Cafe, could be in an episode of Golden Girls with their Floridian pink and aqua booths, but boy do they make a good pancake. A pancake that dares to hang over the edge of the plate it’s served on.

I posted a pic of Ken’s pancakes on Instagram one morning and there was a little sadness that I didn’t make those pretty pancakes and then encouragement that I could recreate them. No pressure! Well, these aren’t exactly Ken’s plate-sized pancakes, but the flavor is there with the help of a secret ingredient. You add in a little malted milk powder for old-fashioned goodness.

Sometimes I’ll be in a hurry and stop by Ken’s and maybe one day I’ll meet Ken and he’ll share his secrets with me, but until then, I have these easy diner-style pancakes that we can make at home. And then we can use the extra malted milk powder to make malts all summer long, ok?

A little sidebar on the malted milk powder, because I usually try to keep things whole-foods oriented around here. It isn’t exactly an organic, health product, but it’s not terrible either. Ingredients include wheat flour and malt barley extracts, whole milk solids, salt and sodium bicarbonate. I did some research and couldn’t find an organic version, but found a few sources for varieties you might like to try that come from farms or have simple ingredients. Carnation brand works and tastes great, but has soy lecithin added for those of you trying to avoid soy.

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