Dutch Oven Mississippi Roast

Dutch Oven Mississippi Roast Recipe From The New York Times // @nicoledula

This Mississippi Roast recipe has become an internet sensation. The original recipe calls for a chuck roast, a stick of butter, pepperoncini and a packet of ranch dressing in a slow cooker. Sam Sifton from The New York Times reworked the recipe to decrease the butter, increase the pepperoncini and make a quick ranch dressing from scratch out of pantry staples. I was drawn to the recipe because my husband loves beef and this recipe only required that I pick up a roast and some pepperoncini. Plus, I really, really love pepperoncini.

Dutch Oven Mississippi Roast Recipe From The New York Times // @nicoledula

I planned the meal for last Sunday, cooking away while the laundry washed and dried. Sam had put out a quick note on Twitter for dutch oven directions and I decided to go that route. Not only would that mean fewer dishes, but Marc loves when I use the Staub dutch oven he purchased for me. And I like using the matte black beauty with brushed gold handle, too.

The resulting roast was the best chuck roast that has ever come out of my kitchen. The ends were crispy and the tangy pepperoncini and ranch dressing was a welcomed contrast to the long-cooked beef. The pot liquid is pretty fatty from a combination of butter and rendered fat, so I spooned on just enough to moisten the meat. I added some extra pepperoncini garnish on top, which added a tangy freshness and is pretty non-negotiable as far as I’m concerned. We loved it.

With barely any effort, a comforting meal that’s perfect for winter was on the table. If your valentine likes meat, consider this hands-off dinner for a lazy, romantic Sunday.

Dutch Oven Mississippi Roast Recipe From The New York Times // @nicoledula

Dutch Oven Mississippi Roast Recipe From The New York Times // @nicoledula

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    • Well, this cut of beef gets really tender with a long cook and chicken breast doesn’t have the same fat content, but I know many people use chicken in the slower cooker. Let me know if you try!

  1. I have a question about the dressing/sauce. In your picture you have it poured over the meat in the dutch oven, but say to stir it in with the butter and pepperoncini’s. Do you stir in with the butter then spoon back over the meat? Are you supposed to coat the meat or will the flavor be soaked up either way? Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Amanda! I poured the dressing on the roast and then used a spoon to mix it together with the butter and pepperoncini, leaving a a light coating over the meat and the rest of the sauce on the sides.

  2. Hi there, I made this recipe but cooked the entire time on the cooktop, in my Dutch oven, like braised roast.

    My Dutch oven is oval but my stove has an induction cooktop so there is no wasted heat and results in a much cooler kitchen than heating the oven.

    At step 5, I reduced heat to a gentle simmer and allowed to cook for 4 hours. Thank you for sharing ‘‘tis recipe, I prefer using my ingredients rather than packaged ranch mix.

    • Thanks for sharing, Betty! The original recipe I linked to has braised directions if you’d like to compare. I’m happy you figured out a solution that works for you without the packaged mix.

  3. Cooking this now. Just a suggestion, although it will be apparent to most folks who’ve made a roast before, that the lid should be put atop the dutch oven before popping it in the oven. Thanks for the recipe!

  4. Hello! I plan to make this today. Was planning on doing it in the Crockpot but it made a hairline crack in both my mother in law and brother in laws Crock Pots. Just to clarify, I cook it at 250 for 4 hours, correct? Another site said 325 in a Dutch oven for 6 hours.

    • Hi Jennifer! I haven’t made this roast in a while, so I was searching for other dutch oven recipes to see if I had made a mistake and I saw 325 and 350 out there, too. I believe I did cook this at 250, though. Can you try clicking through the NYT recipe I linked to at the top of my recipe? I think that is where I got my original guidance, but I must have used all of my free articles this month and am behind a paywall, sigh. I don’t want to steer you wrong, but I haven’t had any complaints about the recipe as written.

  5. Oh holy cow, I truly love you for sharing. Aren’t you awesome?! TELL ALL YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS THAT TEXAS LOVES YOU! RIGHT NOW! SO GREAT! TLC, ks

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