Easy Chocolate Pudding

This week is Marc’s birthday! I get a little jazzed every year and try to show him how happy I am that he was born. Some people make a big deal out of birthdays and my Mom always has. Growing up, she’d purchase a personalized Pizza Hut pizza and bring it to school during lunch time on my birthday. It no longer sounds like a special treat, but it sure was when I was a kid. The entire elementary school cafeteria was jealous of my pizza, even Lisa, the girl that had every Care Bear ever made. Mom also liked to make unique birthday snacks for my class. One year, she made rainbow finger jello and wrapped each individual portion herself. I was a hero that year.

Marc’s family used to get together for big family parties including his many cousins when he was a kid. These days, his Mom warmly wishes us a happy birthday on the day and she’ll have us over for a nice Sunday dinner, but Marc could not care less about his birthday. To him, it’s just another day. I always try to get him a surprise gift and then ask him what he’d like to do that day to celebrate. He’ll usually come up with something practical, like having dinner at a restaurant close by. When we had just started dating, his only request for his 21st birthday was to eat a triple cheeseburger from Wendy’s for the first time. I’m serious about that one.

Maybe I should just let him be his humble self and treat it like any other day, but I like spoiling him. I am the mushy wife that wishes him a happy birthday as soon as he opens his eyes in the morning. I spend a few days deciding whether to give him his gift before work or to wait until after because the gift usually involves assembly and a manual. He loves assembly and manuals. We take a weekend near his birthday to visit my parents for the weekend where my Mom gives him a bear hug and a kiss on the cheek.  We just can’t help ourselves.

I sadly had never made him homemade pudding, even though he is a big pudding fan. Instead of waiting for his birthday, I started the festivities early and finally made these cute little puddings. The pudding is thick and rich, but made even better with vanilla whipped cream. Use the best cocoa powder you can find for serious chocolate flavor. It comes together in a snap, which is always nice. It’s my sneaky way of spoiling him under the radar.

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  1. My man also could not care less about his birthday (though I think he secretly does care a little). Nonetheless, I always make a deal out of it. Little gifts throughout the day, special foods, a cake (or pudding, or both in a tiramisu). My mom too made a big deal out of birthdays and all holidays and I think it’s fun. Good for you! Your husband is a lucky man.

    • Naomi – I think Marc secretly cares a little, too 🙂 Maybe one day I’ll get him to admit it. Birthday tiramisu sounds fantastic!

      Nancy – Ha!

  2. Happy birthday Marc!! You are so sweet, Nicole. I’m the same way about Matt’s birthday – always insisting we have cake, and debating when I should hand him his bday gift. I, too, loved a good pizza hut party when I was a kid. Hope this pudding is the beginning of more delicious things to come for you two!

    • Kasey – Your birthday cake for Matt was epic! You definitely know how to celebrate a birthday. Pizza Hut twins! 🙂

      Cindy – I finally made pudding! I still have my eye on your pudding recipes!

  3. yay, pudding! happy birthday to Marc! Sean isn’t really into his birthday either, but I’m like you…I can’t help it 🙂

  4. I am such a huge fan of celebrating everyone’s birthdays! I get giddy! And my best friend’s mom when I was little would make a pudding cake! I need to get that recipe! It was the most amazing thing – I am inspired to get her recipe, and use your pudding!

  5. Happy birthday to Marc! Is it bad to say I’d still be happy with a personalized pan pizza? My weakness 🙂 Glad you liked the pudding. I actually made it this weekend but I’m not sure where my brain was. I forgot the flour!! Added it at the end but had to do some major repair work. And it was supposed to be quick…

    • Thanks for sharing your easy recipe, Melissa! I hope you were able to save your pudding, ha! I haven’t had a personalized pan pizza in quite some time, but my gosh, I loved them. I don’t blame you! I wonder if they’ve changed over the years!

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