Egg Drop Soup

Egg Drop Soup Recipe // Dula Notes

My weekend was full of Oscar movies and trying to replace a light bulb that just burned out. Would you believe that all of the internet does not have the light bulb I need? And the closest one I could find is only available in England? The light bulb search was a waste of a Sunday afternoon, but you know what isn’t? Making and enjoying this easy egg drop soup.

This version isn’t much like Chinese takeout egg drop soup. It’s not as thick and I’m not quite sure how they get those long, beautiful egg ribbons. Maybe it’s the thickness of the soup. However, this egg drop soup wins out with big flavor. It’s quick and easy to make for weeknight slurping, too. I keep 1-inch pieces of fresh ginger in my freezer and with a few pantry staples, it means this soup isn’t far away.

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