Seasonal Snapshots // Fall 2011

Did I ever tell you about how in the dark ages I was with my last phone? It was the second cell phone I had ever owned and the numbers were waring off of the buttons, but it worked and I felt it was completely unnecessary to get a smart phone. Last summer, Marc suggested that we treat ourselves to the latest iPhones as an anniversary gift to each other and I agreed with hesitation. As they say, the rest is history.

I love being able to snap quick phone pictures of noteworthy moments. Inspired by Tracy,  I created a post of my favorite summer shots and I smiled as I relived the moments. I wanted to do the same for fall and today I’m sharing my collection. Let’s make this a seasonal thing.

Puffy clouds.

Fell in love with delicata squash.

Stone fruit sale at the end of the season.

Fancy fig drink at Roast.

Color at the markets.

New cupcake and macaron shop with a friend.

Spinning old school tunes.

Color on my walking route.

First time at Art Prize.

Another Art Prize feature.

Dutch black licorice cats.

New bright shoes.

My first Photojojo order came with a dinosaur!

Date night at a new pizza place.

Apple cider tea inspiration from Cindy.

Testing our soil which turns out to be neutral.

Apples everywhere.

Cider and donuts were a nice surprise when picking up grass seed.

Pumpkin batter is always nice.

Birthday treat.

Polka dot boots for rainy days.

Wood whittling for caramel apples.

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  1. Looks like your fall was pretty great. Pumpkins, foliage, apple cider donuts and cute rain boots: everything a girl could want out of a season!

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