At Home // Ugly Fruit

I’m not sure if this is Ugli or Ugly fruit, but I saw these at Whole Foods and I felt compelled to grab one. I’ve never tried one before and I love trying mysterious fruits and vegetables. Safer than mystery meat in my opinion, although I did just have 5 kinds of meat at an unusual restaurant last night. Ok, I guess I love all things mysterious.

If you’ve never tasted one, it isn’t as sweet as an orange, but it isn’t sour, either. A mild citrus flavor. The slices are huge! Watch out when you bite into a slice, it is super juicy. A plate underneath your face or your face over the kitchen sink is recommended here. The encasing is a bit tough and in some cases I just ate the juicy flesh. I think the mildly sweet juice would make a great dressing or marinade.

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