Food Adventure // Gold Cash Gold in Detroit, Michigan – Trip 2

Gold Cash Gold in Detroit, Michigan // @nicoledula #Detroit

You might remember that I already shared a great lunch we had at Gold Cash Gold in the spring during our Day Off in Detroit, but our recent visit was even better than the first. The light was dreamy and the dishes were gorgeous and it seemed a shame to just have these photos hanging out on my phone.

Gold Cash Gold in Detroit, Michigan  - Frida's Blue House // @nicoledula #Detroit

I skipped lunch to properly prepare for this meal and started with Frida’s Blue House cocktail, inspired by the Frida Kahlo + Diego Rivera exhibit at the Detroit Institute of Arts. My girl, Megan has posted this pretty blue drink on Instagram before, so yeah, I needed it in my life. The cucumber was really refreshing and the drink wasn’t too sweet. It’s a nice mix of Lunazul blanco tequila + fresh cucumber + lemon + blue curaçao.

Gold Cash Gold in Detroit, Michigan - Shiitake + Beet Greens Focaccia with Fermented Chili Butter // @nicoledula #Detroit

Next, Marc and I looked over the menu and fresh off our whole 30 diet, tried to be conscious of carbs. And then we ordered ALL THE BREAD. I was drawn to the gin-cured lox with greek yogurt + parsley salad + uh, bread. Our server told us about their daily farmers bread selection, which was focaccia topped with shiitake mushrooms + beet greens + creme fraiche + served with fermented chili butter. Like whoa, right? I didn’t think Marc would go for it, but he practically insisted on it. It was the best bread ever. The lox were good, too! I loved the mix of acid from the cured salmon and the parsley salad against the creamy greek yogurt. On our last visit, I found our bread a little too toasted and discovered that burnt toast is a THING, you guys. This time I thought the bread was perfect. It definitely still had that char, but it was in all the right places. <–uhhh…that sounds a little dirty.

Gold Cash Gold in Detroit, Michigan - Gin-Cured Lox // @nicoledula #Detroit

Gold Cash Gold in Detroit, Michigan - Low Country Cioppino // @nicoledula #Detroit

This is where we chilled on the bread. A little. Marc ordered the Low Country Cioppino with shrimp + Manila clams + brook trout + corn + fresh herbs + hey, bread. But how else would you sop up all of the delicious tomato broth without a bread sponge? You just can’t. It’s one of life’s simple pleasures.

I ordered the Charred Octopus and Cuttlefish because I’m really into octopus and the octopus emoji. It was served over sea island red peas (similar in look to black-eyed peas) + pickled ramps + basil. It was fresh and hearty and so unique. It was like a fancy version of a summer pickled bean salad and with each bite I discovered new things to love about the dish.

And that’s what keeps Gold Cash Gold on top of their game. The textures and flavors are genius and I appreciate the use of vinegars and pickles for that hint of acidity to balance out the richness of meat or fish. I’m coming back for that pickle-brined fried chicken one day.

Gold Cash Gold in Detroit, Michigan - Charred Octopus + Cuttlefish // @nicoledula #Detroit

Gold Cash Gold in Detroit, Michigan - Anthology Coffee // @nicoledula #Detroit

Gold Cash Gold serves Anthology coffee, a place I still need to visit, but this cup of coffee with lumpy raw sugar cubes and cream was perfect. We split the chocolate cake with tart jam + buttercream + candied pecans. It was rich and full of chocolate flavor. The zing of the tart jam and the crunch of the pecans made each bite of cake a perfect bite.

So there you have it. Another mind-blowing meal from GCG. What are you waiting for?

Gold Cash Gold in Detroit, Michigan - Chocolate Cake // @nicoledula #Detroit

Gold Cash Gold

2100 Michigan Avenue

Detroit, Michigan 48216

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    • The famous blue drink, ha! 🙂 The cuttlefish was similar in texture and flavor to the octopus! I’d never had it before, so it was fun to try.

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