Food Adventure // Gold Cash Gold in Detroit, Michigan

Gold Cash Gold in Detroit, Michigan // @nicoledula

For our day off in Detroit, I was secretly hoping we’d end up at Gold Cash Gold for a late lunch. I always make a little list of restaurants when adventuring because you never know what you’re in the mood for when the time comes. It seems like everyone has been talking about this restaurant since it opened.

We arrived after the lunch crowd, but before the Friday dinner crowd and had the place to ourselves. You’re first struck by the sheer beauty of the place. The inner door is made from colorful stained glass. Wood and burlap elements accent the painted brick wall and jars of preserves sit on shelves in the main dining area. It was both beautiful and comfortable.

Gold Cash Gold in Detroit, Michigan // @nicoledula

It was the first warm and sunny day of spring and our city exploring made us thirsty. I went with our server’s suggestion of a rosé sangria that was tart and refreshing with grapefruit and garnished beautifully with huge slices of citrus. Marc ordered the Pearls cocktail with vodka, pear nectar, lemon juice and Michigan-made M. Lawrence Green sparkling wine. Another tangy and refreshing drink for that sunny day.

Gold Cash Gold in Detroit, Michigan // @nicoledula

Gold Cash Gold in Detroit, Michigan // @nicoledula

My love of burrata is hardly a secret and paired with sweet pepper jam on toast, it was creamy and wonderful. I wish the toast were a little less charred, but the bread was delicious. I was served some charred cinnamon raisin bread a few months back, too. Coincidence or new food trend?

Gold Cash Gold in Detroit, Michigan // @nicoledula

I ordered the banh mi sandwich with slow-roasted pork, crispy pig’s ear, chicken liver paté, pickled vegetables, fresh herbs and house hot sauce. The combination of textures and flavors was a real treat and unlike any banh mi sandwich I’ve ever had. The bread was perfectly soft and easy to bite through.

Marc ordered the Malibu’s meatball sandwich with meatballs simmered in a smoky red sauce and topped with burrata cream, all nestled in a hoagie roll. I don’t think I’ve ever been more jealous of Marc’s meal. I’m not usually a meatball sub kind of girl, but it was incredible! Definitely a knife and fork sandwich. I stole a few bites in exchange for part of my sandwich. I’ve never been more tempted to order another sandwich on top of the one I already ordered, but luckily the promise of Sister Pie treats that were waiting in the car brought me back to reality.

Gold Cash Gold in Detroit, Michigan // @nicoledula

We really enjoyed the service, food, drinks and atmosphere at Gold Cash Gold. Our server was really friendly and the whole experience was a nice way to end our day off in Detroit.

Gold Cash Gold Detroit // @nicoledula

Gold Cash Gold

2100 Michigan Avenue

Detroit, Michigan 48216

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    • That’s a beautiful idea! I wish we could make it together. You could create the perfect hoagie bun and I’d decode the meatballs and sauce. Then we’d eat the extra burrata as a snack while we worked.

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