Food Adventure // New Bon Bon Bon Shop in Detroit

New Bon Bon Bon Shop in Detroit // @nicoledula

I’ve already shared my love for Bon Bon Bon when I visited their Hamtramck location last year, but the Bon Bon Bon gals were kind enough to invite me to an early glimpse of their new shop in Detroit. The Detroit location opens for business on Thursday, April 16 and will be open Monday-Saturday. It occupies a cozy corner of the Chrysler House building  and is colorful with orange walls, their adorable pink and red logo and stacks of the corrugated cardboard they use to pack up their chocolates.

New Bon Bon Bon Shop in Detroit // @nicoledula

New Bon Bon Bon Shop in Detroit // @nicoledula

We sipped on champagne and tried a bunch of chocolates, basically having chocolate for dinner on Friday night. Living right, friends. If you’re local, plan a visit soon because their spring flavors (#91-#99 below) will be gone when summer comes. You can order online, too, and have the sweetest little bons delivered to your door.

Their cute and clever bon bon bons are made from the finest chocolate that they’ve sourced through serious chocolate makers that won’t sell to just anyone. Their shop is fun and breezy, so it’s easy to forget that these gals are working hard to make a spectacular product. They’re girl bossing with the best of them and making the chocolate of your dreams. I mean, donut ganache!?! With each bite, your eyes will widen and your pupils will dilate in pure joy.

These are the flavors we tried:

#14 Black Truffle – black boar truffle ganache + dark chocolate shell

#19 Mac N Cheese – French macaron + mascarpone cheese ganache

#30 Paczki – fried donut ganache + polish confiture + paczki sliver + donut sugar

#50 Johnny Cashew – seasoned cashews + caramel

#91 Birds Nest – duck egg custard ganache + baklava nest + golden egg

#93 Sweet Pea – sugar snap marmelade + brown butter ganache + candied pea + saffron

#96 Rhubarb Custard – rhubarb custard ganache + strawberry dust

#98 Grass – lemongrass white chocolate ganache + hemp seeds + wheatgrass sugar

#99 Carrot Cake – carrot cake cream + cream cheese frosting + royal icing carrot

New Bon Bon Bon Shop in Detroit // @nicoledula

New Bon Bon Bon Shop in Detroit // @nicoledula

New Bon Bon Bon Shop in Detroit // @nicoledula

And I was sent home with this little box of goodness. Thanks, Bon Bon Bon girls!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

#92 Strawberry Shortcake – shortcake layer + strawberry buttercream + crumbles

#38 The Temptation – motown tribute “sugar chai honey crunch” + milk chocolate

#97 Bunny Butt – chocolate buttercream + buttercream “tail”

Bon Bon Bon Detroit Shop

719 Griswold Street, Suite 100

Detroit, Michigan 48226

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  1. Recently my daughter brought me a box of 10 bon bons an i would like to buy some an send to my sister but i can not find a address any where. Could u help me out an advise me on where i should go on net to get some to order for my sister thank u

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