Food Adventure // Food Scavenger Hunt Fun with Tar-Tryin’

(Corn tortilla with avocado, poached egg and hot sauce for my #something green. Best breakfast!)

The super cool and fun Emily from Tar-Tryin’ organized a Food Scavenger Hunt on Instagram and because I love both Emily and Instagram, how could I refuse?

Here’s a look at my seven photos and you can search for the tag #aprilfoodhunt on Instagram to see the other delicious entries.

Proof that I was #sharing this delicious pizza.

#Seasoned onions for tacos.

#Bread for Easter dinner.

Something #sweet on a Friday night.

#Homemade pasties that I made last fall and froze for quick weeknight meals.

I just #can’tlivewithout fresh bread and butter.

Check out Emily’s food scavenger photos on her lovely blog and get your fill of her beautiful Tartine baked goods every week.


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  1. You are so incredibly sweet, and I am so glad you joined in on the hunt! Thanks for posting your pics and this lovely post! xo

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