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Are you a curious person, like me? My curiosity has its limits and I promise I’m not creepy, but I like hearing about other people’s purchases. What they loved and what they didn’t. Thinking that some of you might also have a curious streak, I thought I’d show you what I picked up with the Foodzie gift certificate I received for my recipe.

I knew I wanted to take a picture of my stuff for you and had to wait for all of my artisan goodies to arrive from different parts of the country. I told myself that there would be no sampling before it all arrived and it was hard, but I did it for you. Almost. Hidden in the upper left-hand corner is an empty bag of cinnamon crisps that did not make it. Do I get credit for not dipping into the bacon jam?

Mother-in-Law Kimchi

I had never tried kimchi before and sadly I don’t know of any Korean places close by. To be fair, I haven’t done extensive research. I love the logo, too. We tried the kimchi as a side condiment recently and it is very flavorful. Lots of complex chili flavor surprisingly without any heat. It bubbles in the jar and contains natural probiotics (like yogurt does) due to the natural fermentation process.

Skillet Bacon Jam

Do I have to explain why I added this to the cart? It’s BACON JAM! I’m thinking of a BLT-type panini or bacon jam grilled cheese. I received 3 jars in the pack and I’m sharing one with my buddy Renee in the wine and cheese department at our Whole Foods. I told her to put her thinking cap on for a cheese pairing to make the world’s best grilled cheese with bacon jam.

Cinnamon Crisps

These are the crisps that didn’t make it to the photo shoot. What a snack! They are crunchy and because they have healthy seeds and chickpea flour as a base, they are hearty with a crispy cinnamon crust.

Laredo Heirloom Bean and Mesquite Chili Soup Kits

I love soup and picking up soup kits seemed practical for an easy dinner sometime. Looking forward to tasting the beautiful beans!

Blue Cheese and Fig Cookies

Created for enjoying with wine, these blue cheese and fig cookies remind me of buttery shortbread. A touch sweet, but still dense and hearty. I can taste the high-quality ingredients, but to be honest, these were not our favorite. Maybe we would like the salt and pepper or garlic and rosemary varieties better.

Sri Lankan Roasted Curry Powder

Getting this curry powder is what prompted my curry experiments. I shared with you the dip that made it to the blog, but the other two recipes I tried need some adjusting. I am still familiarizing myself with curry and acquiring a taste, but this seems like a good one. It’s made in small batches and roasted for optimal flavor.

Single Malt Scotch Bars

How could I not order these? Scotch+caramel+chocolate+sea salt = oh yeah.

I hope you enjoyed taking a peek into my Foodzie shopping cart!

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