Frisée Salad with Mushrooms and Fried Eggs + Week 1 of Whole 30

Frisée Salad with Mushrooms and Fried Eggs + Week 1 of Whole 30 // @nicoledula #whole30

If you normally roll your eyes at special diets, I feel you. I’m more of an “everything in moderation” person and I try to eat balanced meals while indulging occasionally, but I was feeling like things were a little off-balance for us lately. Maybe it was all the burgers + cookies + bourbon + biscuits + hot chicken in Louisville and Nashville?? I was following along with Erica’s Whole 30 experience and her beautiful and simple meals gave me the push I needed to try it for myself.

If you’ve never heard of Whole 30, the rules are here. There is a book, which explains the program and the reasons for what’s ok to eat and what isn’t, which in retrospect, would have been helpful. Marc would ask me, “Why can’t we eat (fill in the blank)?” and sometimes I didn’t have a good answer for him. I’ll include links to the rules and approved grocery items that we used below. The quick version is that meat, eggs, veggies, fruit and nuts are ok, but all grains (with gluten or not), corn, alcohol, legumes (including peanuts), sugar (natural or refined) and dairy are off. My goal from the start is to just be more aware of what we eat and one week in, I can definitely say that’s happening.

We started on June 1st and we’re doing it for 30 days. I think the most important thing when starting out is to be prepared. Stock your pantry and fridge with easy to prepare meals and do some meal prep on the weekends. You do not want to be hungry and have nothing to eat in the house. Dates and Larabars saved us on hard days.

Frisée Salad with Mushrooms and Fried Eggs + Week 1 of Whole 30 // @nicoledula #whole30

I made this frisée salad to get us started and it was a delicious way to start the week. I’ve never purchased frisée before, but it’s great, especially when you get bored with your average salad greens. The mushrooms and eggs make this hearty enough to have for dinner and leftovers keep well for lunch. I added some green garlic in there for a seasonal touch, but you can substitute minced garlic.

Just wanted to make a note about the whole 30 rules. The program wants to help you out of bad habits, so if you are a major sweets person, they want you to try to limit subbing in your typical sweets for whole 30 approved sweets the whole time. I get that logic, but sometimes you just have to munch on dates to get you through. They also don’t prefer that you have smoothies for breakfast, because they want you to have something filling to last until lunch. Even before whole 30, we’ve been having smoothies for breakfast and it works great for us. Adding chia seeds, coconut milk and almond milk helps make the smoothies more filling. With all of the other meal planning involved with this program, I needed my go-to morning smoothies for something easy and whole 30 compliant.

Thoughts After Week 1

  • I’m surprised by how much sugar is hidden in things, especially when I thought I was being pretty sugar-conscious already. Sugar-free bacon, sausage and sauces are hard to find. This is especially problematic if you want to eat out.
  • I’m also surprised by how differently Marc and I are experiencing Whole 30. We’ve both stuck to it 100%, but we’re craving different things. This past weekend he mowed the lawn and did some other outdoor chores and he was missing a cold beer. Ice cold La Croix helped save the day.
  • When we went to the grocery store Marc had to look away from the salty snack and cereal (he doesn’t even like cereal!), while I had a hard time passing by the ice cream and chocolate.
  • We’re both feeling great! Less bloated with good energy. Day 2 was the hardest for me, but Marc has been a champ.
  • Some people report headaches at first, but thankfully we haven’t had any negative side effects.
  • Eating out is hard. At the first restaurant, I did a quick, apologetic rundown of what we couldn’t eat (please don’t bring that sourdough bread I love and we sadly won’t be having cocktails or dessert) and asked for grilled fish with vegetables and asked if they could be cooked only with olive oil. Our server was very nice and accommodating and we made sure to tip him well. I’m glad we were in a booth and hidden from other tables. I imagined them eating sourdough bread by the handful with big, buttery smiles on their faces.

Whole 30 Rules

Whole 30 Shopping List

Whole 30 Dining Out Guide

Getting Prepared

One week of Whole 30 Recipes // @nicoledula #whole30

Day 1

breakfast: swiss chard + apple + frozen blueberry + chia seed smoothie (similar recipe)

lunch: Frisée Salad with Mushrooms (recipe below)

dinner: grilled copper river salmon + grilled asparagus with evoo + sea salt

snack: 2 dates filled with almond butter + raw almonds +roasted pistachios

One week of Whole 30 Recipes // @nicoledula #whole30

Day 2

breakfast: breakfast smoothie

lunch: leftover grilled salmon + sliced cucumbers +raw almonds

dinner: slow-cooker kalua pulled pork + green salad with radishes and lemon vinaigrette

snack: 2 dates filled with almond butter + homemade almond milk

One week of Whole 30 Recipes // @nicoledula #whole30

Day 3

breakfast: breakfast smoothie

lunch: leftover green salad with lemon vinaigrette + kalua pulled pork on top

dinner: chilean sea bass + vegetables (restaurant)

snack: 2 dates filled with almond butter + homemade almond milk 

One week of Whole 30 Recipes // @nicoledula #whole30

Day 4

breakfast: 2-ingredient pancakes drizzled with almond butter

lunch: frittata with swiss chard, caramelized onions with balsamic vinegar + leftover pulled pork

dinner: fajita meat and veggies in lettuce wraps + guacamole

snacks: cashew cookie Larabar + homemade almond milk 

One week of Whole 30 Recipes // @nicoledula #whole30

Day 5

breakfast: breakfast smoothie

lunch: leftover fajita meat and veggies over salad greens with leftover lemon vinaigrette

dinner: cauliflower fried rice (subbed in 2 cups of snap peas for mushrooms + 1/4 cup cilantro with no other herbs) + the last of the kalua pork crisped in a skillet on the side

One week of Whole 30 Recipes // @nicoledula #whole30

Day 6

breakfast: scrambled eggs + 2 pieces of sugar-free bacon + fresh cherries

dinner: slow cooker cabbage rolls

snacks: 2 dates with almond butter + coconut flakes + homemade almond milk 

One week of Whole 30 Recipes // @nicoledula #whole30

Day 7

breakfast: coffee with homemade almond milk

lunch: almond meal chicken bites + whole 30 barbecue sauce + shishito peppers with evoo + sea salt

dinner: burger patty over shredded lettuce, tomato and grilled onion (restaurant)

snacks: coconut cream pie Larabar

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  1. This is so interesting Nicole! I’ll have to follow up on your next posts to see how things are going. This salad looks really good even if you are not sticking to a diet, but I can imagine it would be hard to do no sugar, I didn’t even think about bacon! Best of luck!

    • Hey Kate! It’s been a learning experience! But yes, I’m really trying to make delicious meals that don’t taste like we’re sacrificing anything and so far, so good!

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