Getting to know you, getting to know all about you.

My darling husband did hours of research and gave me the most amazing Christmas gift. The Nikon D90 DSLR. Once I found out about the price tag, I soon realized I was pretty obligated to learn as much as I can about the camera. I have been taking local classes on how to use my camera. I have now completed 2 classes of 4 sessions each and I’m starting to feel comfortable with my new friend.

Our class was suppose to have  a photo shoot at a nearby park, but the threat of rain caused our teacher to cancel. It didn’t rain until later, so the husband and I headed over anyway. I played with the full manual setting on my camera and was choosing both the F-stop and Shutter Speed on my camera.  I had no idea what an F-stop or Shutter Speed was 2 short months ago and I am still no expert.  I’ve included some of my shots from that day.

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