Goat Cheese Mac and Cheese

Of all of the fall-ish things I’ve been doing lately, one of the best was making this mac and cheese. I was a little giddy as I stirred the creamy cheese sauce and noodles together. It made that familiar squishing sound as the noodles gave into a sea of cheese. The dish, brimming with sauce and noodles, was placed in the oven to bubble away. I watched as the panko crisped to a golden brown. The perfume of cheese and toasted bread hung in the kitchen. After all of that romance, you get to eat it, too.

I had been waiting for the weather to cool to try this recipe and thankfully I remembered it. The recipe is adapted from Homeroom’s Goat the Mac recipe. Homeroom is the restaurant created by food blogger, Allison of Local Lemons and her attorney friend, Erin. It’s located in Oakland, California and serves steamy bowls of creamy mac and cheese. It’s my favorite mac and cheese, ever. We visited Homeroom with friends on our last trip to California and each of us ordered a different kind. We all shared and dunked our forks into each dish, but in the end, we all thought our own selections were best.  So far, the only other mac and cheese that’s made my heart flutter like that was Zingerman’s Pimento Cheese and Bacon Mac and Cheese.

I prefer using the ribbed corkscrew-type noodles, called cellentani, but feel free to use your favorite mac and cheese noodle. The blend of Monterey jack and goat cheese melts beautifully and tastes fantastic. Add this to your list of fall-ish things to do.

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  1. I’ve been making a ton of carb-tastic meals lately (we had grilled cheese and tomato soup for dinner the other night!). This sounds fantastic. Can’t go wrong with mac + cheese. I have yet to make it out to Homeroom (I know, shame!) but hopefully soon! xo

    • Kasey – Yes to carb-tastic meals in the fall! Grilled cheese and tomato soup sounds ridiculously good right now. If you can swing it, visit Homeroom while pregnant because it just sounds like pregnant lady heaven. Get yourself a nice dish of mac and cheese with a homemade oreo for dessert….mmmm.

  2. Goat cheese mac and cheese?! I could absolutely go for a bowl full of this right now, I’m afraid my spaghetti squash that is roasting in the oven now will fall flat after seeing this.

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