Greek Chicken Wraps

Greek Chicken Wraps Recipe // @nicoledula

I made these Greek Chicken Wraps for Collaboreat and now I have the recipe here for you. I’m so pleased with how they turned out and then Melissa made them and sent me the sweetest Instagram message to say her family loved them. How lovely is that?

Here’s the story behind this recipe and why it’s a big part of my first memories of Detroit.

To someone who isn’t from metro Detroit, Greek Chicken Wraps might seem like a strange meal to associate with the area. Detroit’s diverse melting pot of cultures and love of greasy spoons has filled the area with diners featuring menus with an identity crisis. It isn’t unheard of to see Greek lamb gyros, Lebanese tabbouleh and Polish pierogi on the same menu.

When I started dating my husband, I was visiting the Detroit area from home in west Michigan and my eyes must have looked wide. I come from a relatively small city bursting with tall, (mostly) blonde men and women of Dutch heritage with names that begin with Vander- Vande- Vanden- or some variation. The only Greek person I knew was Uncle Jesse Katsopolis from Full House.

Our first dinner dates would be to middle-eastern restaurants where I tried lamb, tabbouleh, kafta and shawarma for the first time. We went to his local Coney Island where he’d always get 2 coney dogs with everything (hot dog, chili, raw onions and always yellow mustard) and chili cheese fries. The one food I refused to eat as a kid was hot dogs and this aversion followed me into adulthood. Marc was horrified that I didn’t eat hot dogs, but these Coney Island diners had other menu options that skewed Greek. I started ordering the Greek Chicken Wrap or Chicken Gyro, as it’s sometimes called, and it became the thing I ordered.

I’ve had some bad wraps and some really good ones. The tangy tzatziki might be my favorite part and even saves the bad ones. When Amy asked me to contribute a Detroit-inspired recipe, this savory classic came to mind immediately. I wanted the ingredients to be simple and pantry-friendly while staying somewhat traditional. The chicken breasts are marinated in a tangy vinaigrette and you top the whole thing off with plenty of flavorful tzatziki. I made my own pita bread because I wanted these to be the ultimate Greek chicken wraps, but store-bought will work just fine and get dinner on the table faster. It all comes together beautifully for a satisfying kinda Greek experience. I’m sure Uncle Jesse would approve.

Greek Chicken Pita Recipe // @nicoledula

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