Greek Pasta Salad

Greek Pasta Salad Recipe // @nicoledula

Memorial Day weekend was hot and humid, but I loved it. We made some tasty cheeseburgers on pretzel buns. Our gym had a special memorial day workout class and a new girl passed out! I stayed in my two favorite spots, the one under the fan for strength training and the boxing bag next to the AC unit.

It’s 10 am on Tuesday and my deodorant is already failing me. I’m not used to being this warm, you guys. I need to keep emergency deodorant at work. That’s my life now.

I love summer, though, and won’t want it to leave. Meals get lighter and are pretty no-fuss around here. Burrata, tomatoes and a baguette is totally acceptable for dinner. Cold pasta salads, like this one, are a summer lifesaver. It’s full of veggies and feta. Lots of feta. It makes a bunch, so we had it as a side dish along grilled meats and ate it by itself for lazy lunches, too.

What’s your favorite no-fuss summertime meal? This pregnant lady wants to know.

Greek Pasta Salad Recipe // @nicoledula

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  1. HA! The bit about having emergency deodorant is hilarious. I totally get that. I was SO HOT when I was pregnant with Casper, all the time.

    This pasta salad looks delish, I love easy dinners and snack dinners during the summer!

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