Green Garlic Green Beans with Coconut Quinoa and Caramelized Tofu


The past few months have been busy and while it was full of good things, I feel like I missed out on spring a bit and specifically spring in my kitchen. I really enjoy leisurely walking around the farmer’s market or checking out what’s in season at the grocery store. It is part of what inspires me in the kitchen. Most of spring has been fueled by quick meals and far too much take-out for my taste.

Recently, I stopped by Whole Foods and had the best time in the produce department. The joy of spring came flooding back and soon I filled my cart with green things with no recipes in mind. I wrote a geeky list of all the ways I would use my beautiful produce to make sure not a bit went to waste.

The hyper-seasonal green garlic was the most enticing ingredient I found and two summers ago I made a beautiful pesto with it, but I wanted to try something new, something healthy. It ended up in the caramelized tofu and in a quick sauté with the green beans. As this dish came together, I wondered if Marc would appreciate the vegan meal, but he ate the heck out of it. We both recommend a few drops of sriracha on top.

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    • Jess – Sriracha is such a wonder condiment! After a few bites, I thought sriracha might be a nice addition and I loved a few drops on this dish. Marc used more than a few drops 🙂

  1. I love the fresh spring spin here, Nicole! I often feel like spring produce comes and goes too quickly (I’ve barely cooked with green garlic!). It’s nice to flip the switch on the seasons sometimes. Hope all of that busyness is good stuff 🙂

    • Kasey – Thank you for sharing the wonderful tofu technique! It’s true that spring produce is so fleeting. The busy stuff is all good 🙂

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