Green Garlic Pesto

I have sadly been too busy this month to get to the Farmer’s Market since it opened on Saturday mornings, but luckily we have a really great Whole Foods nearby and they feature fresh produce from local farms. I wanted to pick up some groceries and I spotted some green garlic that was 2/$4 for a generous bunch. I had no idea what I would do with it, but I remember hearing so much about garlic scapes last year and wondered if it was similar.

I did a bit of research and found out that green garlic is garlic that is picked in the spring before it fully develops into the cloves we normally would use. Just like spring onions are picked before developing into large onions. Sure, you probably knew all about green garlic and I’m just late to the game. It’s ok, I’m used to it.

I turned to Google and many soup recipes popped up and sounded amazing, but did I mention that Michigan has been close to 90 degrees lately? I can only imagine the look my husband would give me if I serve soup during this heat wave. I did see a few mentions for green garlic pesto and dug out my pesto recipe from last summer. I modified it slightly and oh my, this is good. It has a fresh mild garlic flavor. I wouldn’t serve it to someone who doesn’t like garlic, but it does not have the usual bite raw garlic has. I tossed it with some spaghetti and a bit of butter and we had  a wonderful meal that required minimal heat in the kitchen.

Recipe: Green Garlic Pesto

Makes about 1 1/2 C.

5-6 shoots of green garlic, trimmed of tough dark green parts and cut into 2 inch pieces

2 oz. Parmigiano-Reggiano, cut into small cubes

1/2 C. pine nuts

3/4 t. coarse salt

1/2 t. pepper

1/2 C. extra-virgin olive oil (I used CA Olive Ranch Arbequina)

1. Add all ingredients above to a food processor or blender, except for olive oil. Process until cheese is broken down and everything looks pretty well combined. Open top and scrape down any large bits that moved to the top of the food processor or blender.

2. Stream in extra-virgin olive oil until you get a uniform texture and all is well combined. You may have to scrape down the large bits again to make sure everything is fully incorporated.

Green Garlic Pesto Spaghetti

4 entree servings

1/2-3/4 C. green garlic pesto

1 lb. spaghetti (use gluten-free pasta to keep gf)

coarse salt for pasta water

2 T. unsalted butter

1. Make above recipe for green garlic pesto.

2. Cook spaghetti al dente in salted pasta water according to package directions. Drain pasta.

3. Add butter and pesto to hot pasta and mix with tongs until pasta is coated. Serve immediately.

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  1. I have some green garlic in my kitchen right now, maybe I should make this, because I too have little to no idea what to do with it. I bet it would be really nice in gazpacho.

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