Grilled Crispy Kale

Summer is winding down and as usual, I am hanging onto it with all of my might. I love fall, but I am choosing to ignore the signs of next season until I’m ready to say goodbye. This summer has just been so good to me. The warm weather and the fact that my kitchen counter is lined with peaches and tomatoes is helping with my child-like pursuit.

Emboldened, I walked right past the pumpkins at a farm stand to pick a perfectly sweet watermelon for Labor Day. Yesterday, I quickly looked away when I was greeted with a large Halloween display at our local hardware store. I even tried to ignore the leaves that fell as I took a long bike ride, even though it was the hardest of all signs to resist.

I am using the grill while I can, too. Yesterday’s meal was grilled bone-in pork chops with just a little olive oil, salt, pepper and minced garlic. They were delicious and done in about 8 minutes. When I plan to grill a protein, grilled vegetables are always part of the plan and this grilled kale is as simple as it gets. With only a few minutes of prep time and 2 minutes on the grill, it’s ready before you know it.

Enjoy the last moments of summer, friends.

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  1. We are kinfolk, my friend. I hold on to these last days of summer with all my might, too. I won’t let go of the tomatoes, the peaches…goodness, not the peaches! I can taste the smoky, crunchiness here.

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