Fennel and Chili Grilled Pork Loin with Chive Blossom Vinegar

A few years ago we started a Mother’s Day tradition where we have our families over for a Sunday afternoon barbecue. It was Marc’s idea and the first year we did it, Mother’s Day was the same weekend that I was hosting a bridal shower for my brother and  sister-in-law. The kind where I was making bacon waffles for 40 people. Marc saw the panic in my eyes and told me he would take care of everything. He was going to have the guys chip in for this dinner and let the girls just enjoy themselves. Marc adorably created the menu and carefully calculated enough servings for 10 people. That day was splendid and the tradition continues.

Every year we try a new recipe on the grill and this time we decided on this Jamie Oliver recipe. It calls for a generous splash of vinegar to create the finishing sauce and I immediately thought of my newly infused chive blossom vinegar.

We chatted and laughed as white smoke escaped from the barbecue vents. The weather was in the 80’s with bright sunshine. It was our best barbecue, yet.

We thinly sliced the pork loin as clear juices funnelled into the ridge of the cutting board. The pretty slices were then drizzled with the tangy vinegar sauce. The pork was delicious next to the smoky grilled asparagus and greek pasta salad. We finished the day with slices of pie and a few games of cornhole. A perfect day.

If you’re afraid of the concentrated flavor of fennel seeds or the heat of the chili, like me, don’t be. The licorice scent of fennel filled the kitchen as I worked in the molcajete and I started to worry a little about pleasing all of our guests’ taste buds. The resulting rub, though, tasted smoky and just all together delicious, but surprisingly not like fennel with really no heat from chili. Trust Jamie and trust me, it’s just tasty.

Thank you, Jamie!

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  1. there’s nothing I don’t love about this! I especially love that you made that fancy vinegar and I bet the pork is amazing with the fennel!

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