Grilled Fresh Artichokes

Inspired by some of my favorite food bloggers and chefs like Jamie Oliver, I am making a serious effort to cook seasonally. Not only does it ensure that I’m eating fruits and vegetables at their peak, but usually these items are on sale because they are in abundance. That’s the best win-win I can think of.

Being in Michigan means our in-season bounty is short-lived, but thanks to many great farming communities in the area we do have a pretty good selection from May to October. Last week was asparagus fest and this week I’m all about artichokes.

I’ve had them before when I was young, but I had never prepared them myself. I went to the grocery store and saw some beautiful globe artichokes and quickly purchased them, but still had no idea what I’d do with them. That afternoon I found this recipe for grilled artichokes and it all seemed like perfect timing. We were expecting great weather and I was thrilled to find the recipe.

Grilled Fresh Artichokes Recipe // Dula Notes

These turned out delicious. They have a distinct vegetal taste heightened by the slight charring from the grill and accent of lemon. It was the first time Marc ate fresh artichokes and we had a good laugh when he put the tender heart in our bowl destined for compost along with the discarded tough leaves and I gasped, “That’s the best part!” I served the artichokes with a quick spicy mayo and we had fun enjoying the experience together. That’s another wonderful thing about artichokes, it’s an experience. Dipping the leaves and savoring the tiny morsels of tender meat.

I wanted to try the eggless chervil mayonnaise David Lebovitz had posted as the dipping sauce, but I ran out of prep time. The only small change I’ll make to this recipe next time is maybe by adding some white wine to the steaming liquid for the artichokes as advised by a friend of mine. The recipe is simple and delicious, but I didn’t really feel like the garlic and bay leaf added too much flavor to the artichokes and next time I want to go with lemon and white wine and see how it turns out.

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  1. Your grilled artichokes look delicious and I’m sure white wine would only make things better! My aunt used to serve steamed artichokes and it always seemed so exotic and refined.

    • Naomi-I’ve realized I have a tendency to put booze in everything, why not artichokes? 🙂 My mom made steamed artichokes a couple of times when I was a kid and it seemed fancy to me, too.

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