Grilled Peaches with Sea Salt Bourbon Caramel


Grilled Peaches with Sea Salt Bourbon Caramel Recipe // Dula Notes

I’m back from a fantastic weekend celebrating the upcoming marriage of one of the best gals I know. I’m a bit sore, sleep-deprived and my voice is at half-capacity, but it was all worth it. We spent 3 amazing days on Mackinac Island in northern Michigan surrounded by gorgeous views of Lake Huron with perfect weather. I hope to get together a post of my favorite pictures, but if you can’t wait another minute, head over to my Instagram page for a preview.

Now let’s talk about this perfect summer dessert. I love a drippy ripe peach all on its own, but sometimes when you’re entertaining, you want to step it up a little. This easy dessert is THE thing to do when you already have the barbecue going. Halve the peaches and place them on the grill while your meat is resting. Pull the peach halves off when you have pretty grill marks and serve them after dinner with a drizzle of sea salt bourbon caramel and a scoop of your favorite store-bought vanilla bean ice cream or make your own vanilla bean ice cream! I guarantee happy guests.

Grilled Peaches with Sea Salt Bourbon Caramel Recipe // Dula Notes

The auction for Echoing Good’s Bake for their Sake happened over the weekend and I’m happy to report that together we raised $1,400, which will make it possible for 15,400 meals to be served at school lunch programs in Uganda! Thanks for your support!

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    • It’s pretty incredible! Once the sauce turns into a thick caramel the bourbon flavor changes from sharp to dreamy!

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