Grown-Up Pizza Party

This year for my birthday I requested a little gathering of friends. It was yesterday, but we decided to set the party for Saturday and it was a gorgeous fall day in Michigan. We met at one of my favorite places, Crust. The last time I had a birthday pizza party was in 3rd grade at Chuck E. Cheese. The weather was dreary, the pizza was terrible and we played in the germ-laden bin of plastic balls. I think I saved up enough tickets for a pencil, which probably cost my parents $10. I’m sure my 3rd grade self had a fantastic time, but I’m glad I’ve moved on to better pizza.

At Crust we ordered up pancetta, sausage and peppers, shrimp pesto and shroom pizzas. Meg and I shared some red passion sangria that had a smoothie-like texture that was the perfect way to start the meal. I love their shot-glass parfait desserts that are the perfect size for something a little sweet at the end of the meal. I went with the chocolate mousse and raspberry parfait (pictured below) and it was such a good choice. Everyone was such a good sport and let me Foodspot all of their pizzas with my camera phone. After Crust, we moved the party to our home and it went until 2 am. I’m choosing to see this as a sign that I’m not that old…yet.

Many thanks to Marc, Matt, Meg, Carson, Laura, Brian, Shannon, Brandon and Janice for eating some pizza with me!

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