Hey Baby

Dula Baby Announcement // @nicoledula

It just popped in my head that I hope Gwen Stefani announced one of her pregnancies with “Hey Baby Hey Baby Hey!” And if not, Gwen, I’m for hire.

I’m excited to share with you that a little babe is on the way! And it’s a GIRL. So Beyonce Bader-Ginsburg Dula is still on the table. She is set to arrive around July 29 and it’s just starting to get real. Like really real. Let’s celebrate with cantaloupe letters and sprinkles, ok?

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  1. Motherhood tag for serious.

    Congrats, mama. So dang pumped for you guys. Best babe vibes I have! (Spamming you with all my love, obvs.)

    • Ha, I love that you caught the tag! Thanks SO much for all of the love!! Your adorable family is a life goal, for real. I can never get over your daughter’s perfect doe eyes!

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