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Horchata Rum Cocktail // Dula Notes

A long weekend awaits and while that’s already thrilling news, we also have a big family barbecue planned for Sunday. You might remember last year’s barbecue. Marc and I usually host it on Mother’s day, but we had our Tulip Time adventure that weekend instead. It turns out that waiting a few weeks leads to a better selection of spring produce and Copper River salmon is in season, too! We switch up the main course every year and we’re excited to grill up this flavorful and hyper-seasonal treat. I’m picking up the salmon I reserved at Whole Foods after my farmers market trip tomorrow. Exciting!

I’m also making a lemon herb butter that I’ll slice and allow to melt over the warm salmon right before serving. My Instagram friends got a sneak peek of the pretty butter. For appetizers I’m making barbecued jalapeño poppers and creamy jalapeño salsa to go with tortilla chips. I will be purchasing around 30 jalapeños, a new record. The fam will bring veggies to grill, beer and pies for dessert and I’ll make a bourbon whipped cream for something special on the fruit pies. We couldn’t decide on one signature cocktail, so we’re making Moscow Mules and these Horchata Rum Cocktails! We’re hoping for lots of sunshine and I can’t wait to share my new favorite cocktail.

The simple recipe below starts with brown rice horchata and an ounce of your favorite kind of rum. You can add more rum if you like, but the recipe below was what I preferred and it’s super refreshing. I can guarantee you that Marc will make his boozier.

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!

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  1. I can guarantee that Kris will make this drink his boozer too!! Too bad Kris & Marc can’t booze together 🙁

    • The jalapeño poppers are pretty incredible. You pretty much have to make twice the amount you think would be reasonable because they go so fast!

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