Hot and Sour Soup with Cabbage and Rice

So far, Marc has not said a peep about how many soups I’ve been throwing at him in 2012. I just want to try all kinds. If I trust the recipe and myself enough for non-ruinous tweaks, I’ll double the batch and we’ll have a meal plus lunch for a few days. I’ve made this hot and sour soup twice now and it’s a perfect Saturday soup. The kind you start in the morning and decide later whether it will be lunch or dinner.

With this soup in particular, the longer it cooks, the more silky the cabbage becomes. The broth has a gentle heat from the jalapeño that warms your mouth while it’s balanced by the bright acidity from the limes. It’s the kind of soup that you crave when you’re under the weather and the same kind of soup that works well for having people over.

This soup just has it going on. It’s healthy, easy, inexpensive, vegan and most of all, delicious.

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  1. I saw this recipe too & really wanted to give it a try. Looks delicious and I love how you describe the cabbage as getting silky! I’m not sure my husband would go nuts for this (he’s not that keen on soup), but I’d love it.

    • Jeannette – I’m not sure how keen my husband is on soup, either, but we both enjoyed this one! I changed the original recipe a bit because I liked it with more broth and mushrooms. It’s a keeper, I think!

      Jess – I hope you and your husband enjoy this! I’ve recently become very fond of cabbage 🙂

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