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This past weekend I decided to make ribs for the very first time and when I defrosted the rack that was packed by the butcher, there were 3! Time for a party, I say. We called up our good friends that live the next street over and asked if they’d be our guinea pigs for my first time trying ribs. We had a great time and shared many laughs, especially when we had ribs and corn on the cob stuck in our teeth. For dessert we shared toothpicks and mint floss. Ok, we had Spumoni ice cream, too.

Shortly after our friends pulled up, they had their hands full of greens. They brought the largest bunch of fresh basil and also some pretty carrots from their garden. They even brought their most beautiful carrot they had ever grown, so sweet. So here’s the question, what should I do with this tasty basil? Lynn suggested pesto and that sounds like a good idea. If anyone has a great pesto recipe (I’ve never made it) or any other suggestions, my bunch of basil and I are all ears! Help!

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  1. I learned to make pesto from a woman in Siena (’cause I’m sooo fancy), looking at the recipe now, it’s incredibly imprecise. A bunch of basil leaves, a clove of garlic, a couple pinches of salt, 2 spoonfulls of pine nuts, 15 g parmesan, 15 g pecorino, and enough olive oil to make it the right consistency.

    This one from gourmet is much easier to follow:

    Last summer I had a ton of basil too. I made a bunch of pesto and freezed it in ice cube trays so I could enjoy it all winter.

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