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There are mixed feelings out there for Valentine’s Day and I get that. Sure, we should appreciate our loved ones every day and seize every moment, not sparing our feelings for one day out of the year. I personally like that little nudge that prompts me to give my Valentine a few extra kisses before work and pick out a cutesy love card. I like writing down all of the mushy stuff I feel, but don’t say every day. This day doesn’t have to be about you and your significant other, though. It can also be a reminder to share your love for anyone special to you.

When I think back to past Valentine’s days, I remember the year that Marc bought a box of kid Valentine’s and wrote a different thing he loved about me on each card. It was really sweet. My most memorable Valentine’s day, though, was the year before I met Marc. I was 20 and not dating anyone. When I came home after a busy day of classes, my Dad had put a little box of chocolates and a nice card in my room that simply said “Love, Dad.” I was very surprised and it just made my day.

Share a little card and a treat with someone that makes your life special. It’s easy to take for granted that everyone in our life knows how loved and appreciated they are by us, but how often do we come out and say it?

These cookies are the key to my heart and I suspect the key to many hearts. Simple vanilla butter cookies surrounded by toasted almonds with a dollop of seedy raspberry jam. You’ll have the recipe memorized by the time you’re done and it makes the perfect small batch. Cookies are for sharing!

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  1. I LOVE this post Nicole. Everything about it. Marc writing little valentines for you is sooo sweet. But the note from your dad made my heart melt. One of my favorite Valentine’s Days was when I was around 19 and also not dating anyone. I was going to college in San Diego and decided to drive up to LA to spend V-day with a few of my closest high school friends who were attending school up there. I remember we spent the day walking around Venice Beach, trying on silly sunglasses and getting lunch. And at night, we made girly cocktails and watched ‘Kissing Jessica Stein.’ To this day, it’s still one of my faves. Similarly, my freshman year of college, a good friend of mine sent me a care package with a ‘Grow a Date’ and a random photo of one of our friends. I found out she did this to a bunch of people in our group of friends and it just made me so happy. To know how tight my friendships were. Hope you and Marc had a great one!

    • Kasey – Thanks, Kasey! I just love your stories, too! Your Venice Beach girls day sounds like a fun and memorable way to spend Valentine’s Day. We had a nice day together and I hope it was nice for you and Matt, too!

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