Kabocha Squash Pie

Kabocha Squash Pie Recipe // Dula Notes

This was my first time making “pumpkin” pie and as you can see, it isn’t even pumpkin. I grew up disliking pumpkin pie for a couple of reasons. My Mom never made it because she disliked it. Maybe the more significant reason is that I had only tried a bite or two of store-bought pumpkin pies at random events or gatherings and those bites were nothing special. I just put pumpkin pie in my dislike column.

Kabocha Squash Pie Recipe // Dula Notes

Marc and I first started dating in October, several years ago now,  and it wasn’t long into the relationship before my future mother-in-law was offering me her tried-and-true pumpkin pie that she makes every Thanksgiving and Christmas. She always made delicious things with the addition of dessert after big Sunday afternoon meals. Pumpkin pie was the first thing I didn’t want to eat. I would never dream of refusing something offered to me and took the piece of pie. I think I asked for a tiny piece feigning dessert restraint (she knows better now).

I can’t say that I instantly loved it at first homemade bite. I was getting used to the texture and had a million thoughts in my head at the time. Did I flinch when she offered the pie? Can they tell I don’t want this? Can I handle a whole piece? When the next holiday season rolled around, though, I took my piece willingly and now I look forward to the seasonal treat.

I was nervous for my own attempt at this pie, but I am thrilled with the results. I wish I could report that I changed my Mom’s opinion of pumpkin pie, but I didn’t. My Dad and Marc thought it was excellent, though. This recipe will be the one I reach for every fall.

I’ve noted in the recipe that you’ll have a bit of filling left over that I highly recommend you add to a ramekin and bake next to the pie. I definitely had that ramekin of warm filling for breakfast and it was one of the best things I’ve ever eaten.

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  1. Next time I bake a “pumpkin pie” I’m going to try kaboucha squash because you’ve made it sound so good! I had the exact same experience with pumpkin pie growing up (my mom hated it), but working as a baker meant I ended up baking lots of pumpkin pies one Thanksgiving, and now I love the luscious, creamy texture and sweet spiced flavor in a homemade version.

  2. Thanks for that ramekin breakfast tip! I made my pie with butternut squash this year but want to try kabocha squash too. My favorite way-fancy bakery makes a flourless pumpkin torte with it.

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