At Home // Kitchen Herbs, a Dream Realized.

One of the things that immediately popped into my mind when we first purchased our home was, “I could have a window sill herb garden!” I unfortunately did not move very fast to make this little dream happen, but this morning we visited the Rochester farmer’s market and there they were, mini herbs! It suddenly became my Saturday morning mission to make that window sill garden happen. After purchasing our little herbs, we were onto terra cotta pots to put them in. We went to the good ol’ Home Depot and the plain terra cotta pots were either too small or too large, but they did have cute colored pots that were the perfect size. Sadly, they had only two white pots and the rest were colors that just wouldn’t work in the kitchen. They did have 5 olive colored plates for under the pots, though, so we bought the 2 white pots and olive plates and we decided to head to another Home Depot. Next door to this Home Depot was Michael’s, so on a whim we stopped in and found the perfect terra cotta pots that would look great with our olive plates.

Once the goods were purchased, we brought everything home and put it all together. It was a bit messy, but the end result is fantastic. I can’t wait to use all of my kitchen herbs. We picked up Italian parsley, basil, thyme, cilantro, chives and lavender. They smell great and add some life to the kichen. It’s an easy and inexpensive way to have fresh herbs on hand.

One of my favorite foodie bloggers, Ariela at Baking and Books also had the same idea this week and posted about planting kitchen herbs outdoors! I’ll see how my indoor herbs do, but I will keep Ari’s post in mind if I want to head outdoors and grow a larger variety.

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