Lavender Sea Salt Steaks for Two

I’m so indecisive when it comes to plans for Valentine’s Day. There are many restaurants that we love or would love to try, but I can’t take the crowds. We are totally that couple that is secretly 80 years old inside and enjoys week night dining to evade the crowds.

One Valentine’s Day we went to one of our favorite seafood restaurants and were seated next to a chain-smoking couple in a packed restaurant at the tiniest table for two. We had to give our waitress the salt and pepper shakers because we just couldn’t spare the room. I think about that every year as Valentine’s Day rolls around. I also think about our first Valentine’s Day as a married couple when I excitedly prepared dinner and served it on our new china. Candles were lit and I made heart-shaped molten cakes for dessert. The one memory is considerable more pleasant than the other.

If you’re thinking about staying in this year, I highly recommend these steaks. The pretty dried lavender is gorgeous to look at and the smell is intoxicating. If you’re curious about the flavor, it’s perfectly subtle and a really nice complement to the big beef flavor. Start with high-quality ribeyes and with just a little bit of love, you’ll have a delicious meal. I served these steaks with a simple side of kale chips because the steaks were pretty generous. Balance, right?

We took advantage of a crazy warm February day and grilled these on our charcoal grill, but there’s also directions for using a cast iron skillet.

P.S. My Mom and Dad just returned from a Caribbean cruise and guess who else was on the boat? Paula Deen. She goes every year with a group of fans, I guess. I know her current situation is very controversial and I am not opening that can of worms, but Mom said she and her husband were super nice. Mom told her about my blog (Mom! Embarrassing!) and Paula told her to pass along her best wishes for success. Crazy, I tell you.

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  1. I never like lavender in desserts, but trying it in a rub for grilled meats (especially lamb steaks) totally rocked my world! Everyone must give this a try. Delicious!

  2. I love that your mom met Paula Deen and told her about your blog!! My dad does that all the time with total strangers…I’m sure he’d tell any celebrity about it, too. 🙂 I love that you were able to grill these steaks! And I’m glad you enjoyed the lavender sea salt mix!! xo

    • Kasey – We will love this recipe forever and always, Kasey. Thank you, thank you! I can only imagine the conversation my Mom had with Paula. I guess we should give our parents our business cards just in case 🙂

  3. Going out on Valentine’s Day is so overrated! But I love a good steak and lavender salt sounds amazing. Nearly 10 years ago when I was broke I made all my friends citrus sugars & salts for xmas gifts and now I think I’ve got to make some for myself and include lavender as well. I’m so curious how it would taste on a steak (& I love steaks).

  4. My mother-in-law would have done the exact same thing if she met Paula Deen. Too funny. I love the addition of lavender in this (well, most things, really) and I agree with Jess, it’s equally fabulous on lamb (with a little crushed fennel, too). Lovely!

  5. I’m already planning salmon fillets with a berry-port sauce, but I have a prehistoric t-bone in the freezer that I’ll definitely use with this recipe. I received a container of lavender sea salt (I think from Williams-Sonoma?) for Christmas last year, and am always clamoring for recipes to use it with! Looks great.



  6. Oh, mom’s!

    I love this idea for lavender steaks, I even have a bottle of lavender buds languishing in my pantry!

    Sean and I always stay in on Valentin’es day…sometimes we cook, sometimes we have wine/cocktails and take-out. We much prefer quite evenings out to busy ones, like you!

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