Lemon Oregano Compound Butter

Lemon Oregano Compound Butter Recipe // Dula Notes

How was your weekend? Michigan was a bit chilly, but the perfect temperature for grilling outside and warm enough to keep the front door open during the day. At our family barbecue on Sunday, we all lingered on our front porch while Pandora provided the tunes. My parents stayed over Saturday and Sunday night and it was very nice to spend time with them. They kindly offered to help set the table and wipe down the porch railing so everyone had a clean spot to sit. The Rum Horchata Cocktail was a huge hit! We made 40 jalapeño poppers and thought we had overdone it for 10 people, but they were gone in 15 minutes. No joke.

Lemon Oregano Compound Butter Recipe // Dula Notes

I told you last week that we were having Copper River Salmon as the main event and we were so excited that the season coincided with our barbecue. The salmon is incredible and really needs nothing more than a bit of salt and pepper, but I thought a nice compound butter would be a nice treat for our guests. A few days before the barbecue, I picked the oregano and chives from the backyard. I stirred the oregano, chives, garlic, lemon zest, lemon juice and salt into softened butter and rolled it up into parchment. It chilled in the refrigerator until the salmon came off the grill. I used a sharp knife to cut generous pats of compound butter and placed one on each piece of salmon to melt over the hot filets. I thought the flavors in the butter complemented the salmon perfectly. This butter would be wonderful over any kind of fish, though, and I think it would be excellent on chicken or steak, too.

Lemon Oregano Compound Butter Recipe // Dula Notes

Compound butter is so simple to make and you can adapt this recipe to use your favorite herbs and aromatics. Try it the next time you entertain or make it just for you.

Lemon Oregano Compound Butter Recipe // Dula Notes

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  1. Oooh Murdo was just talking about making flavored butter for grilled meats yesterday! I’m sending this to him ASAP. And we just bought fresh oregano and garlic chives for the garden. It was meant to be.

  2. whoa momma, this looks fantastic. When I was younger we’d go to a seafood restaurant that had a “casino butter” that they put on everything and it was sooo good. I need to make this business real soon.

  3. I just love getting creative with compound butters during summertime, and now I’ve got another one to try! The salmon looks delicious. Seems like a wonderful time!

  4. I just bought some Copper River Salmon for tonight’s dinner! I wasn’t sure how to prepare it but I think I’ll do something simple and serve it with a compound butter! I don’t have any fresh herbs, but lemon zest & fresh garlic I do have. I can make it work 🙂

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