Mom’s Deviled Eggs

Mom recipes are the best, aren’t they? They are tried and true and can bring you back to happy moments in your childhood. This dish reminds me of the times we would all chip in to prepare holiday appetizers. We would wash vegetables, carefully peel hard-boiled eggs and fill celery with various fillings. Dad munched on celery leaves and stalks as he smoothed peanut butter into the celery’s crevice.

Mom was always in charge of the deviled egg filling, though. Once the egg whites received a fluffy mound of yellow filling, we would all beg like animals for just one taste before the rest were put away for later. I’m pretty sure Mom had to buy twice as much as we needed to account for all of the snacking and begging.

This recipe isn’t made as often as it used to be, but it deserves a comeback. I used my Mom’s secret ingredient, Coleman’s dry mustard, and added truffle salt to be fancy. The Coleman’s mustard is a must, but the truffle salt can be swapped with regular sea salt. I brought this for Easter dinner and it wasn’t long before the platter was empty and my mind turned to why I don’t make these more often. Simple, delicious and ready for when you want to make something with those brightly colored Easter eggs.

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  1. Yum. I totally want to make deviled eggs soon just for no reason. They’re cute, right? And Mom recipes really are the best ones!

  2. I totally used that dry mustard trick this weekend, thanks for sharing it 🙂 we always had celery with pb as an appetizer too…they both remind me of being a kid…throwback!

  3. Yes! Mom’s recipes are the best. And, deviled eggs? It seriously does not get better than that. I have to really restrain myself at parties where this is on the menu. Delicious!

  4. I’m with you on deviled eggs, Nicole. I used to eat so many when my mom would make them, I got a tummy ache. It’s so fun cooking my mom’s recipes, and I have a handful of nostalgic favorites that always bring comfort.

  5. I definitely agree that mom’s recipes are always the best. My mom never really made deviled eggs for us but she always made egg salad sandwiches…sort of the same thing in sandwich form? 😉 I like the idea of using truffle salt to finish.

  6. Unbelievable! You are the only other person I have run into who uses Colemans Mustard, except for my mother, of course. I use a dash of white pepper instead, but I know they are both yummy!

    • My MOM always made this recipe when I was a kid.
      I love them with the Colemans Mustard.
      That is the only way I have ever made them.
      I am sure there are many more of us out there somewhere
      using this traditional recipe.

      • We just had them again for Thanksgiving and I will always love them with Coleman’s. It gives them a little kick, right?

  7. I even invested in a 4 egg (8 halves) Tupperware container for my small household, because these are wonderful to have on hand. I’ve always used powdered mustard but my best hint is to break the yolks up with my pastry cutter. Makes short work and the uniform crumbles are great.

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