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Last week, I was bringing my Target items to the cashier and noticed a large display of Count Chocula, Franken Berry and Boo Berry. This display could not be ignored with its ultra-colorful boxes. There was even Franken Berry Fruit Tape. Yes, for real. For a minute I wondered if Count Chocula was as tasty as I remember. Now it’s time for the flashback…..

My Mom did not often buy chocolate cereals and I can assure you that the cereal we did have was always, always on sale and a special treat. She had never purchased Count Chocula for me, but of course, the commercial made it sound like a must-have. When I was 12, my mom woke me up at some horribly early hour to tell me that our neighbor across the street had been in an accident and I had to babysit their kids while they went to the hospital. This was obviously a lot of information for this very early hour. I went across the street and I only remember it being very, very dark and that I was hungry. I opened the pantry and there he was, Count Chocula. It was  very sad that our neighbor had been in an accident, but this is what  led me to the Count. Isn’t it horrible that I remember the cereal more than I remember the details of what happened to our neighbor? Yeesh, that’s bad. I do remember that he was on a bike and was hit by a car and that he fortunately was ok. And the Count? It was good.

Flashfoward to Target, 2009….I tell myself that Count Chocula cannot be as good as I remember. I make my purchase and go about my day. I change my Facebook status to “Target has Count Chocula, Franken Berry and Boo Berry. Was tempted, but realized it probably won’t be as great as it was when I was a kid.” I received 11 passionate responses telling me that they are looking all over town for these seasonal cereals and that it IS as good as I remember. A few days later, I find myself back at Target picking up 1 of each box. I had never tried Franken Berry or Boo Berry, but my Facebook friends all seem to have their favorites and I decided to taste them all. Here are the results.

Best Box Cover

I do not have a graphic design or marketing degree, but Boo Berry wins this category for me. He’s cute and looks a bit stoned, but in an adorable way. Sadly, his cereal is a bit gross.

Scariest Cereal

I do think the pink Franken Berry guy is scariest, slightly off-set by the fact he is wearing pink. The cereal also falls into the scariest category. How in the world do they transform puffed corn into that neon pink color?? What the?

Best Monster Cereal

I found Count Chocula to be the only cereal I could handle. My tastes have definitely grown up after years of healthier breakfast options, but I guess one chocolate cereal every 6 or so years won’t kill me.

I probably won’t be purchasing these cereals again, but I donated Franken Berry and Boo Berry to some excited friends that have two young boys. I couldn’t tell who was more excited, the parents or the kids, but I left Mom and Dad arguing over who gets the Franken Berry.

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  1. Best. Post. EVER!!! Seriously, I was JUST looking at Count Chocula on the shelves and wanted to buy it because I totally remember the taste and was thinking, “I’m too old for this” (although I have no shame in eating copious amounts of Lucky Charms). Glad to hear that it was still edible!

  2. We only got sugary cereals on special occasions too. We always got Cocoa Puffs though (probably because they’re my dad’s favorite). I bet they still taste good. I kind of want to go buy a box now.

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