Moscow Mule

How was your weekend? We headed to West Michigan for a wedding, graduation party and engagement party. The weekend was full, but major fun. For three days the sun shone and the breeze from lake Michigan kept us in a vacation state-of-mind. I saw great friends I hadn’t seen in months and loved every second. We also took the most glorious nap at my parents’ house before heading back home on Sunday. I rested my head on Marc’s chest while a small stream of sunshine peaked under the shade and a slight breeze swirled around the room. Heaven.

(Phone pics of the beach wedding and my summery nail polish)

It’s officially summer in Michigan and I am ecstatic. It’s now time for bright nail polish, espadrilles, breezy clothing and summer eats. We depend heavily on the barbecue in the summer and there’s nothing better than a cold beverage while waiting for your food to slightly char and infuse with smoke. Last summer we fell in love with the Moscow Mule. It is margarita-like, but my Dad and I think it’s better. It is suggested that you serve this summer sipper in a mug and while it feels a bit silly at first, the charm quickly grows on you. If you can find Reed’s extra gingery ginger beer, I highly recommend it.

(Phone pic of patio dining with sangria and a little robin’s nest we found in our honeysuckle tree)

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