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A few weeks ago I was in the throes of new garage door indecisiveness. I love our mid-century brick ranch and didn’t want to ruin it by choosing the wrong garage door.



After having two companies come out for quotes and poring over brochures with terrible cartoonish drawings, we finally made a decision. I realize now that these pictures are pretty far away, but you get the idea, right? Our new door has long panels and plain glass windows on top. I am very happy with the choice of glass because the natural light that floods in is just beautiful. The updated parts mean more room on the sides for parking and there is no longer a big metal bar that hangs down to potentially injure someone. Yay for removing concussion hazards!

A closer shot.

Next up we are going to replace the decorative wooden portion of our porch.  We like the style just fine, but the wood used previously is seeping sap and has large knots that are deteriorating. Three lumber stores later, we have decided on the type of wood and we are so happy that the best price belonged to the store with the best service.

Tonight we measure again to make sure everything is accurate before placing the order. After an early morning visit to the paint store, we’ve decided to go with Benjamin Moore’s Burnt Ember on the right to accent the brick and mortar. On Saturday we start sawing and painting. Wish us luck!

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  1. I love this peek at your house – it actually looks nearly identical to the one I grew up in (& built by my grandfather!). Ours didn’t have a garage but the house itself is pretty much to a T!

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