Norwegian Birthday Cake with Damson Plums and Raspberries

Norwegian Birthday Cake with Damson Plums and Raspberries Recipe // Dula Notes

I’m not Norwegian. That would be really cool, but it’s not the case. I just fell in love with this cake and wanted to make it. I’ll be another year older on Friday, but we had an early celebration in West Michigan with my family. My sister-in-law and I made this cake together even though she was not ok with me making my own birthday cake. I convinced her that it would be fun and it really was.

We spent that Saturday morning walking to the farmers market together in search of fresh fruit to go on top of the birthday cake. One of the farmers recommended his sweet and tart damson plums and he let me have a taste. I was hooked and bought a pint of them and his pretty raspberries, too. I went to the next stand over to find Bethany and make her try one of my plums. Of course she had to go and buy some, too. The farmer was so proud when we both were excited about his fruit.

We went back to her house to make the sponge cake, whip the cream and get to layering this thing up. It was delicious. I almost always prefer whipped cream to buttercream on cake and the fresh fruit just made it the ideal dessert for me. Whether it’s your birthday or not, put this cake on your list of things to make.

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  1. Such a beautiful cake! I became obsessed with Norway when I was a kid and visited after high school. I might need to try to make this!

  2. I always make my own birthday cake, too…it just feels natural! This cake looks great, I love sweet tart fruit with whipped cream and cake, it’s a never-fail.

  3. Making my birthday cake is one of my favourite things about my birthday…because I love making cakes! So I totally dig you on that. Also, on the whipped vs. buttercream thing – whipped cream for the win! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    • Thanks, Erika!! Because you always remind me of bourbon, I’m now thinking a little bourbon in that whipped cream would have been tasty 🙂

    • Thanks, Shoko! It wasn’t hard to make and everyone loved the results! You can adapt the fruit topping to whatever is in season, which I love.

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