Nutella Pretzel Bars 2012

Nutella Pretzel Bars 2012 Recipe // Dula Notes

We just returned from our roadtrip to Nashville and I am currently overwhelmed by love for that city. I went through over 300 camera and phone pictures and am trying to turn all of that into a post. It may have to be split into 2 or maybe 3 posts, eek!  In the meantime, I thought you’d enjoy this update on one of my favorite recipes.

I made this recipe back in December of 2010 because one day I was in need of a snack and I dipped Marc’s salty pretzels in a jar of Nutella I had in the pantry. I loved the combination and thought it would work well in blondie/brownie form. Soon after, I had this recipe for Nutella Pretzel Bars. I have made them several times since then and have continued to tweak. I cut back a little on the butter and sugar, but increased the amount of pretzels and I promise that they are still sweet. For salty/sweet lovers, this one is definitely for you. They also happen to be really easy to make and come together in one bowl, yes!

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  1. I was lucky enough to get these delivered to my house (along with a few Dula house guests) a few weekends ago…and I have to say, they were DE-lish!!

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